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    This thread is where you can post and ideas, suggestions, bug reports or whines about SEER.

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    Just create a folder and copy the file “Seer_Demo.exe” or “Seer.exe” into that folder

    Run the executable


    Left click on a unit to select a unit
    Left Click map the to Move to a hex
    Right click on enemy unit to attack

    Moving adjacent to an enemy unit ends your turn
    Human units ending their turn in a village or city heal 1-4 hp damage
    Demonic Inf restore 4 hp in shrine
    Hero recovers 1Mp or 2mp if in a shrine hex Plus 1MP for each active shrine up to Max Mana Level
    Workers that end their turn in a damaged billage or city hex repair some damage.

    After killing ten units (10 Exp) units can ‘level up’ and gain hit points, range, movement or attack bonuses!

    Spells damage buildings!

    Victory Points:
    1 per damage done
    6 per village per turn
    12 per city per turn
    10 per shrine per turn

    MP Regen:
    +1 per turn
    +1 per at start of turn if in working shrine hex
    +1 per surviving shrine

    Gold Production:

    +2 per surviving village
    +5 for city
    +5 per worker unit
    +5 per worker on a fields hex
    +10 per worker on a mine hex



    Seer Spells Stats:

    Shadowbolt 1MP Range 4 d26 attack
    Teleport 1MP into any hex on map unoccupied
    Felfire 2MP Range 2 1D6 Megahex (all units damaged)
    Summon 5Mp Demonic infantry

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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